We are pleased to announce the release of the sample pack ‘Glow Guitar Chords’ on Tuesday 10th December 2019.

This seventh sample pack of the year is the final release of 2019 on the Glow Beets Sample Label.

Sample Pack Title: Glow Guitar Chords
Produced by: Glow Beets www.glowbeets.com
Distributed by: Rightsify
Recorded at: The SongLab, Birmingham, England.
Software: Ableton 10 Live Suite, Pro Tools 2019, Myriad.
Genres: EDM, Future House, Future Pop, Future Bass, Pop, Rock, Disco.

Take the hassle out of recording guitars with this simple one shot drag n’ drop sample pack – Glow Guitar Chords.
Recorded with high quality guitars and boutique amps through top class studio outboard with no software processing, there is enough headroom in this pack for you to shape these guitar chords however you wish inside your DAW of choice.
This pack features an array of acoustic and electric guitar one shots that are deigned to work inside any genre, at any tempo. Ranging from basic open chords to destructive power chords to chord slides and stabs, this pack will leave you with no need to record your own guitar chords.
Meticulously crafted, tracked and cut by rising UK based EDM Sample Pack Producer Glow Beets, this pack will provide you interesting options when it comes to arranging your next track.

Acoustic Guitar 24 one shots
Electric Guitar 72 one shots

Total number of one shots: 96
Size: 101MB (Uncompressed)

Download at Beatport:

Download from Sounds by Native Instruments :