What Will Make For a Successful Recording Artist In The 2020s? Top 10 Tips!

What Will Make For a Successful Recording Artist In The 2020s? Top 10 Tips! To make any kind of bold prediction with any sense of accuracy, it is important to look very closely at the state of the present. The IFPI stated in their 2019 Music Listening Report that “This year’s Top 10 paints a diverse picture of music listening” and I’m inclined to agree. Sincerity, truth and authenticity are key ingredients for emerging artists and one of the boldest pictures that any artist can paint is with their honesty; from staying true to their genre to how they portray themselves in social media and ultimately how they connect with their following. “Artists must be multifaceted” the report also states but what does really mean? [...]

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How To Choose The Right Distributor For Your Music

How To Choose The Right Distributor For Your Music Traditionally, distribution was always a risky and expensive aspect in the music business both for labels and artists. Flash forward to modern times and its never ever been easier to distribute your music. We’re in an exciting era when it comes to digital distribution and it creates some very exciting options for both artists and labels. Even though we’ve been in the digital age for quite some time now digital distribution continue to evolve at a rapid pace. Let me ask you a question. What is your expectation of a digital distributor? It is a simple enough question but the answer may be more complex than you first think. Firstly, there’s the primal expectation of how [...]

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How To Gain Organic Growth On Spotify

How To Gain Organic Growth On Spotify When it comes to gaining growth on Spotify, don’t you ever wish that the music could do the talking for you? Well, it can. You just need to know how to feed the data to Spotify so that it can happen. I make it sound simple I know. Of course it isn’t simple. Or is it? Spotify’s primal aim is to retain and expand their audience and they achieve this in part through providing an experience which is unique to each listener. In order to provide this unique experience, it is imperative that they know what their listeners’ preferences are. However, in order for emerging artists to strive on the platform a good understanding of the complex nature [...]

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How To Pitch For Spotify Editorial Playlists

How To Pitch For Spotify Editorial Playlists Let's start with simplicity; there is only one way to pitch directly to Spotify’s editorial team and that is through their pitch tool on the Spotify For Artists platform. There are three type of playlist on Spotify and they are outlined in one of my recent blogs. In summary they are User Curated Playlists, Algorithmic Playlists and Editorial Playlists. In this blog, I will concentrate on the latter of those three. Firstly, you need access to your Spotify For Artists account. This can be done by visiting the website and clicking on the “Claim Your Profile”. This can only be done when you either have music already on Spotify or if you have had music delivered to Spotify [...]

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The Truth Behind Spotify Playlists

The Truth Behind Spotify Playlists By Glow Beets Let's cut straight to the chase here. There are two giants in the music streaming world: YouTube and Spotify. In 2019’s Music Consumer Insights Report it was stated that 55% of all initial global streams are generated through visual streaming with the remaining 45% preferring audio streaming as their preferred choice of introduction to new artists. Whilst playlisting remains the global force in gaining traction for new acts, YouTube’s algorithm isn’t designed for it. It is designed for video content creators. That leaves new artists with Spotify as their major option for gaining new fans as it is the dominant force in audio streaming with the largest market share of the demographic that is most susceptible to [...]

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Glow Beets Introducing Emerging Artists

Glow Beets Introducing Emerging Artists Throughout 2020, the Glow Beets label in partnership with AWAL/ Kobalt Music will release a new single on the last Friday of each month. The first two singles of the year have found immediate success on major streaming platforms, in particular Spotify and YouTube where various taste makers, influencers and curators have shown their support. One of the values that the Glow Beets brand holds is in introducing emerging talent to the market through a series of collaborative projects on the label. The artist in focus for the next release is 16 year old Singer-Songwriter, Aimee Broom. The Essex based vocalist has been hotly tipped by various music industry executives having gained attention through success on regional singing competitions through [...]

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Hit Sample Pack Producer Releases Debut Single ‘Algorithm’

Rising EDM Producer Announces Debut Single We are thrilled to announce the release of the debut single ‘Algorithm’ by renowned Sample Pack Producer and Sound Designer, Glow Beets. ‘Algorithm’ will be the first of eleven singles set to be released by the UK based EDM Producer throughout 2020. ‘Algorithm’ will available on all major streaming platforms on Friday 24th January 2020 with a pre-order available from Spotify on Friday 3rd January 2020. ‘Algorithm’ is an EDM fusion track with elements of Dubstep, Future Bass and DJ vinyl scratches which blends modern style Talkbox and Vocoder vocal sounds with the hard hitting chart topping commercial pop house sound that Glow Beets has become known for in the electronic sample market. ‘Algorithm’ which was co-written by Glow [...]

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Glow Guitar Chords Sample Label Release

We are pleased to announce the release of the sample pack ‘Glow Guitar Chords’ on Tuesday 10th December 2019. This seventh sample pack of the year is the final release of 2019 on the Glow Beets Sample Label. Sample Pack Title: Glow Guitar Chords Produced by: Glow Beets www.glowbeets.com Distributed by: Rightsify Recorded at: The SongLab, Birmingham, England. Software: Ableton 10 Live Suite, Pro Tools 2019, Myriad. Genres: EDM, Future House, Future Pop, Future Bass, Pop, Rock, Disco. Description: Take the hassle out of recording guitars with this simple one shot drag n’ drop sample pack - Glow Guitar Chords. Recorded with high quality guitars and boutique amps through top class studio outboard with no software processing, there is enough headroom in this pack for [...]

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AWAL Worldwide distribution deal

We are pleased to announce that the Glow Beets Label has signed a worldwide distribution deal with AWAL. The Glow Beets Sample Label will continue to distribute through US based Rightsify for all sample pack content in partnership with Sounds by Native Instruments, Beatport Sounds and LANDR. However, AWAL are now officially the global distributor for the songs on the Glow Beets label. The debut release on the label through AWAL will be the single ‘Algorithm’ which will be released on all major streaming platforms on Friday 24th January 2020 with a pre-release order available from Friday 3rd January 2020. AWAL, a sister company of forward thinking Kobalt Music, are a global team with major resources and a progressive outlook on the modern music industry. [...]

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Sample Label Stores Update

I am pleased to announce that LANDR are the latest online store to stock the Glow Beets Sample Label product range. Best known for their innovative online Audio Mastering services, LANDR have expanded their services into Distribution, Plugins and Samples. They are currently in the process of acquiring the rights to many Sample Labels and I can confirm that Glow Beets will be a part of that movement which means that my entire 2019 range will soon be available on their website. www.landr.com Glow Beets Sample Packs are also available on Beatport Sounds and Native Instruments Sounds. Native Instruments have recently announced the integration of their Sounds library into their latest Maschine hardware meaning that the Glow Beets Sample Packs are now in available in [...]

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